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Hihi everyone! If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been (because you know there was all this … crap happening…) it’s here!


There are giveaways, new posts, and something I REALLY want to highlight is my third annual charity drive: Social Media for Social Good is back, and it’s going for charity:water this year. (Sorry, I planned it and started it before Sandy happened.) Water Changes Everything. As usual, it’s a comment drive too, so if you can’t afford to donate or whatever, even leaving a comment helps, because people are donating based on the number of comments.

I’m also going to give an ADDITIONAL $25 if 50 readers of bloggers donate – even $1 counts! So please, spend my money! [I’m also in for $300 if 1,000 people comment…]

Also, all the subscription stuff is now sorted out, so I hope you’ll join me at the new site for numerous giveaways, content, and all that good stuff! ❤

I really really hope to see you there! Thanks!

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